Perplexed Ball
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Morphsoft Perplexed Ball
A fun game for people of all ages

Perplexed Ball is a unique puzzle game that people of all ages will enjoy playing. Designed with casual gamers in mind, this game will surely give players hours of game time and fun with its graphical and simple user interface. Perplexed Ball comes in two modes – mission mode and design mode. Mission mode is a single player mode that your goal is to pass each level by moving the ball to its designated target, and advancing to the next level until the player has reached level 100. Players can challenge themselves by selecting the Expert or Hard difficulty levels or spin off with the Medium, Easy, and Sandbox difficulty levels. Design mode allows you to make your own puzzle using the integrated designer. Customize and manage many aspects of the puzzle, including size, colors, initial location of ball and target, wall and guide blocks, and much more. Debug and test your creation using the built-in debugger. After polishing your puzzle, you can share the Perplexed Ball Design file (.pbd) to your family and friends so that they can also play with them if they have Perplexed Ball installed on their computer. With an automatic generator in Mission Mode, no two puzzles are ever the same, so you can be assured that it will be a fresh new experience every time you play Perplexed Ball.

Mission Mode

Design Mode